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Frequently asked questions

Will you be the DJ who performs at our wedding?

Yes,We value your trust,in fact I've built my business on it!!On your special day I will personnally provide your entertainment.

Why do so many people recommend you?

Value and great service.Hosting a reception should be exciting and fun,not overwhelming and expensive!I work with you every step of the way,to make all your entertainment ideas a reality.On the day of your event I coordinate your events so you can relax and enjoy yourselves,all at a price you can afford.

How does your equipment compare to other dj companies?

There is no comparison,Rather than try to dazzle you with technicalities like other area djs,I'll just say Our light show is second to none and Our sound is crystal clear as loud or low as you would like it.

Even the world's greatest music would be wasted on a second-rate sound system. So we invest in the best-- names like Bose, Shure, Numark, Crown, QSC, TOA, JBL, Peavey and more-- names that professional DJs all across the globe have come to trust for faithful sound reproduction.


When Is payment do?

A deposit is required when contract is signed unless otherwise stated. Payment in full must be made one week prior to said event unless otherwise noted in contract by Triple T Entertainment, Failure to make final payment may result in breech of contract. This may sound tuff but due to the nature of our buisness and the amount calls we receive we must keep calendar open for events that have been locked in. One week before the said event  gives both the client plenty of time as well as Triple T Entertainment time to fill that date if Said client fails to mak final payment.


What makes you different from the rest?

I understand that no two events are the same,I provide my custemors with the ability to custimize everything Music,Sound,Equipment,lights,Even the Entertainment style.I treat every event like its my own.

When will you set up for my event?

We arrive,and begin to set up about 1 to 2 hours prior to your event whenever possible.Everything is set up tested and ready to go before your guest arrive.

Do you carry liability insurence?

Yes of course,Certificates are avalible upon your request.

Are you avalible on our special day?

I will hold your date for seven days from your initial call as a courtesy.Since I do not sub contract events like others I must offer dates on a first come first serve basis.Once your contract and deposit are accepted your date is guranteed.Your deposit is 25% of your contract amount with the balance due uppon arrival at your event 

What do you mean by interactive entertainment?

We love what we do and it shows!!We are skilled at keeping your party moving .We keep your guest invovled throughout the night with the right mix of music and audience participation.We can be on the dance floor leading the way or stand back. Anyone can play music, but at Triple T Entertainment,We Entertain. 




We hope that, after you've done some objective research, you'll conclude that we offer the finest service, with complete peace of mind, at a fair price.