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Special Events by Triple T Entertainment

  Whatever type of event you are planning, Triple T Entertainment will arrange for a sparkling time filled with fun, music, Karaoke and dancing. Our skilled DJ’s know how to ensure that your event runs smoothly, so that you can relax and have a great time. We know the songs that people enjoy and how to interact with them to get them engaged and, as appropriate, out on the dance floor. What’s more, our lighting and sound systems are purposely designed to handle a wide range of venues, from large ballrooms, to small halls, restaurants, and clubs, to private homes and even backyard barbecues. Below are just a few Events that Triple T Entertainment can facilitate.

Specility Birthday parties 

 Perhaps you’re planning a Sweet Sixteen,Quincenera party or celebrating your 50th or 60th birthday. Whatever the age group, Triple T Entertainment can find the right playlist and set of activities to design a lively and fun-filled event. That’s because all of our hand-picked entertainers understand the music of both yesterday and today. What’s more, they know how to interact with both young people and older guests to make every birthday celebration engaging and memorable.

Corporate Events

 At Triple T Entertainment, we know that corporate events are very special occasions. They help motivate and reward your staff, and they also help build a sense of community. The triple T Entertainment DJs know how to make these events highly interactive and fun-filled, so that everyone has a good time. They will work with you to select a party theme and design games, contests, and other activities that suit your organization and your chosen theme. For example, if you want a 50’s “sock hop,” a luau-style event, or Christmas party, we know just the right costumes, accessories, prizes, decorations, and music to make sure that your event fits together.



 High schools and reunions require a lot of planning, especially if you want your event to achieve the three main goals of successful events. First is providing lots of free time for your old pals to socialize and catch up with each other—for example, during the initial social hour or over dinner. Second is traveling down memory lane together through a number of structured activities—e.g., by showing video montages drawn from the high school yearbook, making special introductions and announcements, singing your alma mater’s song, or telling special stories. The third is simply having a great time by allowing your high school and college friends the opportunity to dance and party to the tunes of yesteryear. At Triple T Entertainment, we have lot of experience in planning and coordinating successful reunions, and we will work with you and your team to make sure that your party achieves all these goals and more.


School and other youth functions

 Triple T Entertainment has everything your school or youth group needs to pull of a unforgettable school dance youth function . From club themed lighting and lasers to chart topping (clean edit) music. I consider school dances to be one of my many specialties. Our youth oriented DJs know whats in and what’s not. We take requests from students and keep the event energized from start to finish.

 We work with school districts and universities to custom tailor their dances for any and all needs. From themed school dances to special music requests, Triple T Entertainment has you covered. Our reputation is well known throughout Pennsylvania, and the entire tri state area, for a killer school dance for all ages, let our company help set the bar for all your school dance functions.

Triple T Entertainment offers generous discounts when you book multiple school dances at one time. There are multiple benefits for booking all of your school’s dances at one time. First off, you’ll receive unparalleled cost savings in the form of a quantity discount. You’ll also get the peace of mind in knowing that your school’s dances are booked and confirmed with the area’s top entertainment source. Since we are well known for our school dances, we tend to book up quickly during the school year. Booking your entire year ahead of time with Triple T Entertainment ensures that there are not availability issues or scheduling conflicts throughout the school year.


Bring the level of excitement up with one of our Karaoke party packages. Triple T Entertainment Karaoke parties are fun, exciting, and everyone sticks around to sing or offer support and applause to the singers. Singers can't wait to get that microphone in their hands and amaze the crowd. Even those that don't sing have a great time listening to their friends sing the hits.

Our Karaoke hosts know how to get a crowd going. Our hosts are your insurance policy to having a great event. Other Karaoke hosts may just stand there and call up the next singer. Not us! We're there to keep a high energy level going, joking with the audience and keeping our fast paced show fun for everyone.

Our Karaoke shows are not like singing along with your CD player at home. Triple T Entertainment has great sound and will make the singer feel that they are the next "American Idol". We have the right professional equipment for venues large and small alike.

Other features include:
• Wireless mics to travel around the room to have group singing.
• Group songs that everyone can sing, without coming on stage.
• Examples of group songs include: Margaritaville, American Pie, Patriotic, and many more.
• Trivia questions and prizes dropped in during the show which adds another element to the fun if you choose.
• We offer part Karaoke and part DJ if you want to have them dancing as well.

Triple T Entertainment Karaoke makes for great parties. Even those "non singers" will find themselves grabbing the mic having the time of their life, and enjoying the fun and applause. Book us now for bars, birthday & holiday parties, retirements, picnics, campgrounds, school events..You name it,  Triple T Entertainment can do it!!!

The events listed above are just a few of the special occasions that Triple T Entertainment facilitates,Please call for a no pressure quote or if you have any questions